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Our Story

Pусский, The Euro Market, has been serving Central Florida with the finest European produce for over 13 years, but it's story began far before then.

What makes this place interesting is the story behind the owners and how they started it all. World Champion in trampoline Lilia chvalbo, and former Head Coach of the Soviet Union national Trampoline team Vladimir Chvalbo, were naturally driven to help others. Vladimir was a known innovater in Europe, mainly in the field of gymnastics, where he pushed for the involvment of trampoline competition on the olympic level, creating opportunities for the athletes. Naturally being a team who wanted to help others, both Lilia and Vladimir wanted to create a place where people that were either European or interested in 

the European cultures could meet, gather, talk, and enjoy delicious products that Europe has to offer. For this reason, Pусский (The Euro Market) has become a known location for many people to find opportunities through both the owners and posts/ads from many local and distant Europeans looking for help, work, employees, products, services, and more. Pусский (The Euro Market) has engraved itself into the Central Florida community, and for as long as our team stands, it will always keep it's doors open for anyone that enters. From both Lilia and Vladimir Chvalbo,  Welcome!

Once a Champion, Always a Champion

Vladimir and Lilia Chvalbo having their last conversation before the start of an international competition. (left) 1982

Vladimir speaking with one of his students prior to the Junior European Trampoline Chamionships. (Right) 1978

Vladimir, at the time being the Artistic Coach  for Cirque Du Soleil, posing with performers. 

Vladimir and Lilia Chvalbo visit Vladimir's former student,World Champion Dmitri Poliaroush, with their kids, at his gym in Lafayette, Louisiana. (Left) 1999

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