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One Glass a Day

Know anyone who drinks one glass of wine a day? If so, you should follow their footsteps. Research has shown that wine contributes to many health improvements, including increased memory, thought processing, and blood pressure. These same studies show a positive impact on weight. It was found that those who drink wine daily have a lower body mass index than those who indulge or drink occasionally.

Now, this information does not in anyway state that alcohol will improve overall health. The research simply shows that something in red wine appears to benefit your heart. It is possible that the antioxidants in the red wine such as flavonoids or a substance called resveratrol contribute to an increase in heart health.

Other Benefits

The Benefits do not stop at the heart. Studies have seen a 40% drop in premenopausal women's chances of developing type 2 diabetes. This is according to a 10-year study completed by Havard Medical School. While researchers are insure as to why wine has such an effect, they have seen it reduce insulin resistance in diabetic patients.

Which Wine to Drink?

Picking out the right kind of red wine can get a little confusing, seeing how there are many types of red wine alone. Luckily, wine experts around the world have narrowed the list down to 8 major red wines to choose from:

- Syrah, abundance of fruit aromas and flavors

- Merlot, very soft and easy to drink

- Cabernet Sauvignon, often accepted as one of the worlds best varieties

- Malbec, typically gives the taste of plums, berries and spice

- Pinot Noir, perfect wine to have with grilled salmon, chicken, or lamb

- Zinfandel, has a vesty flavor with berry and pepper

- Sangiovese, good choice for Italian and other Mediterranean-style cuisines

- Barbera, has a silky texture with a tase of black cherry and plum fruit

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