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Chocolates & Candy

Whether you're looking for chocolate or just candy treats, we are sure that you'll find the right choice with us. For price inqueries or pick up orders, call (407) 933-0091


Dark Chocolate "Babaevsky"

Pergale, Milk Chocolate

Frederic Chopin, Dark Chocolate

-Russky Shokolad, Aerated Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut

-Russky Shokolad, Aerated Milk Chocolate

-Russky Shokolad, Aerated White Chocolate

Vdohnovenie Classic, Dark Chocolate with Crushed Hazelnut

-Milk Chocolate Bar

-MIlk Chocolate Sticks

Pergale, Milk Caramel Chocolate

Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Aerated Milk Chocolate

-Bitter Chocolate 55% Cocoa

-Chocolate 50% Cocoa


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