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Chocolates & Candy

Whether you're looking for chocolate or just candy treats, we are sure that you'll find the right choice with us. For price inqueries or pick up orders, call (407) 933-0091

Non-Chocolate Candy

-Tula Honey Cake with Fruit and Berry Filling

-Tula Spice Cake with Fruit and Berry Filling

-Tula Honey Cake with Fruit Filling

Fuit Jelly Cherry with Apple

Poppy Seed Danish

Poppy Seed Rullet

Sunflower Brittle, Sweets from the East, Kind of Caramel

Sunflower Brittle

Spice Cakes "Korovka" with Filling "Caramelized milk"

Jello, Fruit Berry

Sweet Puffcorn "Ruzik"

Magic Sticks, Sweet Glazed(reduced fat)


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